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There’s a reason they call it...The Great Outdoors!
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Bootcamp Activities
Why Not You?
If you have a Group of 10 people we can offer you either one of our amazing packages or design a bespoke fun packed activity day, weekend or week. Our Physical Training Instructors are among the best in the World. They are Forces Trained and if you want it tough - they’ll take no prisoners.

Many of the more special packages may contain an element of the following combined with more relevant training. We offer an extensive list of activities - which we are adding to constantly;

Rock Climbing
Outside Keep Fit
Medical Training
Paint Balling
Go Karting

There’s no reason why you can’t do any or all of the above with us.

If you are a housewife sitting at home in Glasgow wanting something different...then why not you?

If you are a guy and want new ways to push your exercise regime and trainng...then why not you?

If you are in business in these very tough times you may want to take time out...why not you?

If you are organising a Hen Night and want something really different...then why not you?

If you are overweight and going to a gym full of nubile healthy people is a turn off...then why not you?

If you are a man or woman looking for companionship, adventure, fun and a chance to meet others...then why not you?

If the idea of wanting to drop a dress size to get back into your wardrobe...then why not you?

If you think you are tough and need to be pushed to your limits...then why not you?

If your team failed to qualify or didn’t win a trophy last season...then why not them?

If you have a team that aren’t a team...then why not you?

If you are bored, fed up and just want a change...then why not you?

If you want to get fit and stay fit...then why not you?

If you are in charge of a group of young people and want something different,
challenging and fun...then why not them?

If the young people in your care need help and direction...then why not them?
There’s a reason they call it...The Great Outdoors!
Come And Try It For Yourself...
We have all the required Insurance and adhere to all the requirements for your Health & Safety. We have also undergone all the legal checks to allow us to extend our activities to young people.

To the left you will see the most extensive list of packages in the UK - no other so-called Bootcamp offers this...we’ve packaged incredible value for money with results and experiences that will stay with you forever.

We can design your package so that you sleep in our purpose built accomodation (Chateau Bootcamp as we call it) or you can immerse yourself into the real outdoors and sleep in a Tent.