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There’s a reason they call it...The Great Outdoors!
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Extreme Bootcamp SAS

“We were set a real life Afghanistan Scenario - we had to rescue a prisoner without being detected. I made a noise and all of my company was killed. You gotta know - it makes you feel like sh*t...taught me a great lesson and I loved the Night Exercise.”

“You watch all the Bootcamp Army films like GI Jane and Officer and a Gentleman but when you are actually doing this stuff - you realise that the real Bootcamp is much tougher...”

“We learned how to live off the land - what to eat and importantly what not to eat...”

“Before I went me and my mates said ‘bring it on’ after just one day we felt like crying.”

“Owch - I’m still hurting in places I never thought could ache. The Trainers were rough and tough and really put our team through it’s paces...just what we needed...”
“Your Training won’t involve handling guns...which is a good job because when we finish with you - you wouldn’t have the strength to lift them...”
SAS stands for Special Air service and is a special regiment within the Army. Their motto is ‘Who Dares Wins’ - do you dare to win? They are revered as the best combat regiment in the it’s your turn!

What makes our Army and SAS the best in the World?
The answer is that they are trained and conditioned to the highest level in a place where they can prepare themselves for everything hostiles, terrorists and the World can throw at them...

WARNING: Our Extreme SAS Training - is not for the squeamish...we take no prisoners.

There’s a reason they call it...The Great Outdoors!
Come And Try It For Yourself...
This 1 day or 2 day SAS Course is not for the faint hearted it is aimed at people that want to challenge themselves, it will be tough and challenging you will learn some survival skills, it is physically and mentally challenging you need to have a good level of fitness all equipment and meals are included all you need is a sleeping bag and a good pair of boots and the right attitude to challenge yourself.