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There’s a reason they call it...The Great Outdoors!
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There’s a reason they call it...The Great Outdoors!
Come And Try It For Yourself...
Here Come The Girls
Hen Night
Keep Fit-Stay Fit
Fun & Adventure
We have really pushed the boat out for the ladies. We have many ways we can make their time with us the best ever. We now have 4 Special Packages all guaranteed to offer fun, adventure, relaxation, exercise, activities and added value.

How about in the day all you girls canoe down the river Wye, stop for a picnic lunch and in the afternoon rock climb. Then in the evening what if we were to bring along a Specialist in Fragrances and Perfumes and she would help you design your very own fragrance? Then it’s off to the pub for some light refreshment...
We defy you to try and find another Bootcamp in the World that offers this.
Yes just like many other so-called exercise clubs and gyms - we can help you lose weight. But what about dropping a dress size? BootcampRus will work with you and help you become more healthy...and stay healthy. Be prepared for a great bespoke exercise regime tailored to suit this great challenge. Can you see yourself in that small black dress?
Celebration time come on! We will make sure your Hen Night lasts more than just 1 Night. We will pack and stack your day with great activities. We can even bring in special treats for you such as Design Your Own Fragrance or a Beauty Therapist. You tell us what you and your girls want and we’ll try and arrange it... BootcampRus will work with you and design a weekend or day that you’ll never forget...full of fun, adventure and frivolity. You’ll have a blast!
If you are fed up with your usual Gym, Circuit Training, Big Ball Exercise or Weights then why not come and join us. They don’t call it The Great Outdoors for nothing. Yes you can run around a Gym without feeling much better but try run up a hill with the wind blowing in your face, it’s a whole different experience. Many female celebrities now choose Bootcamp as their way of staying fit - now you can too, and without having to pay their prices.
We’ve got all the fun and adventure you can handle. We can do everything from scaling a cliff face to military night-exercises. We make sure that you enjoy the experience no-one is forced to do the hard stuff but if you want personal achievement then we won’t stop you. We have a pub strategically positioned up the road from Chateau Bootcamp (bunkhouse). As with all of our great days, weekends and weeks we include good food and board. It’s basic but it’s Bootcamp. Sometimes we may even camp out under the stars.
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