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There’s a reason they call it...The Great Outdoors!
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Bootcamp Young People Packages
‘kids are doing it for themselves’
There’s a reason they call it...The Great Outdoors!
Come And Try It For Yourself...
How fantastic that our young people should take the time out to praise us...we have many testimonials we can pass on to you.

We have recently become the chosen bootcamp for helping our young disadvantaged youngsters in South Wales. They love the mix of learning and adventure and always come away having learned key life skills that will help them go forward after their education to find employment.

Many people have already given up on these young people...we don’t. We actually love their time spent with us and so do they!

Besides the usual mix of canoeing, abseiling, rock climbing we help them learn life skills like teamwork, outdoor appreciation, how to save a persons life, how to resuscitate a person or stop a severe bleed...they even get a Certificate to help them go forward. For our young people we can also include many other activities like paint balling, horse riding, orienteering, hiking, exercising and keep fit, cycling, gliding, archery and go karting...and much more.

One of the areas that they truly enjoy is the development of leadership skills and self confidence when attending our Scenarios - we use scenarios taken from real life situations - many will be Military but with important life learning outcomes. This stretches our young people’s minds and helps them think outside the box.

With our army background and as we are professionals in recognising key strengths you have to know there is a great sense of achievement where we place the most quiet person and watch them grow into a natural leader of the group.

We can arrange class group adventure and learning days or weekends. We also arrange days for just young people to come together from all over. If you want a mix of fun, adventure and learning - then email us now or call us direct...