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There’s a reason they call it...The Great Outdoors!
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Bootcamp Luxury Package
There’s a reason they call it...The Great Outdoors!
Come And Try It For Yourself...
Whether you are a business owner or you want to reward your high-flying best performers or even just wanting that adventure of a lifetime...we have something rather special.

We can offer you bespoke packages either at our Bootcamp in Brecon or elsewhere around the World...again no other Bootcamp offers this service.

Here are just a few examples:
How about trekking down the Rocky Mountains and riding the rapids of the Colorado River combined with a majestic Helicopter tour of the magnificent Grand Canyon...why not you?

You can visit Australia, cycle or climb Ayres Rock, get to know the real outback complete with huge Crocodiles and even feed the Sharks and swim amongst the most amazing coral and fish in the world on the Great Barrier Reef...why not you?

How about visitng South Island in New Zealand and trek through some of the most incredible scenery on Earth. There’s great reason that New Zealand was used to film the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and other greats. You can ride rapids and immerse yourself in the great outdoors. Come and taste it for yourself...why not you?
Gareth Stokes - BootcampRus
Where would you like to go... why not you?
Why Not You?